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Date: 13th October 2003 Revision: 6 Page 1 from 5

Wing-Lok P28; Product Specification

Alcoa CSI Europe






PET Returnable/One-Way

Alcoa CSI Europe

European Technology Manager


Dr. Stephan Ott

Date: 13th October 2003 Revision: 6 Page 2 from 5

Wing-Lok P28; Product Specification

Alcoa CSI Europe

Wing-Lok P28

1. Description

Wing-Lok P28

The closure consists of two components: the shell or body and the liner. The shell is formed from

Polypropylen and has a thread area for screwing the closure onto the neckfinish of a package. The

closure has a mechanical tamper evidence band with a 240°C horizontal cut and a vertical cut for

returnable bottles resp. a 360° horizontal cut for one-way markets.

Inside the closure is a liner made from a flexible material, which serves as sealing for the bottle.

The liner materials are in accordance with the food and beverage regulations, are tested and

approved according to specification in the different countries (e.g. FDA, EEC, etc.)

The liner is in direct contact with the bottled medium.

2. Material Specifications

2.1 Shell

Material: Polypropylen (PP), homopolymere, suitable for contact with food and


The material has been officially tested and is approved by FDA and EEC

(Technical and Food Contact Approval). The shell colors are approved for

food and beverages, as well and are free of any heavy metals.

2.2 Liner

Material: All used liner materials are PVC- and softener-free. They are polymere

blends on polyethylene basis (LDPE / LLDPE).

They are all approved according to FDA and EEC food and beverage


Colors: Light Blue and Gray

Lining Process: In-shell Compression Molding

2.3 Recycling

The closure is recyclable in whole as well as sorted after milling.

Date: 13th October 2003 Revision: 6 Page 3 from 5

Wing-Lok P28; Product Specification

Alcoa CSI Europe

Wing-Lok P28

3. Dimensions

This closure is defined in detail in the enclosed drawing.

4. Decoration and Colors

The closure is available in a wide variety of qualified colors. Special color requirements can be

fulfilled after testing the suitability for use with food and beverages, as well as physical

performance. The surface decoration is in accordance with the approved design.

5. Application Specifications

5.1 Closure

Wing-Lok P28 is suitable for all standard PET bottles with BPF, PCO and 1716 PET-neckfinishes

in the returnable and one-way areas. The closure can be used for non-alcoholic beverages with

CO2 level up to 4.3 Vol (max. 8.6 g/l) or without CO2 and for alcoholic beverages (max. 15%), as

well as for hot-fill with max. 85°C. The closure showed no taste & odor problems on the tested


For filling levels up to 4.9 volumes no safety issues like blow offs, closure cracking were observed.

However for these conditions the performance criteria have to be checked individually.

Due to the large variety of products, an influence on taste and odor on the beverage cannot be

excluded in general. Therefore, the bottler should test for taste & odor according to his quality


5.2 Basic Machine Parameters for ret. PET / non-ret. PET

Magnetic Sealing Head

Static Torque and Head Pressure depend on bottle quality, capping machine and speed, as well as

on the capping head system. They have to be defined by an ALCOA Service Technician at the


Chuck: 60 teeth, 24 teeth, 12 teeth – between 5° and 7°

Turns/Sealing: min. 3 turns per sealing process

5.3 Basic results with EVODE or Alphaflex as example

Removal torque: 8 – 17 inlbs immediately after application

Leakers: not below 100 psi (7 kg/cm2)

Blow-Offs: not below 150 psi (10,5 kg/ cm2)

Date: 13th October 2003 Revision: 6 Page 4 from 5

Wing-Lok P28; Product Specification

Alcoa CSI Europe

Wing-Lok P28


These basic results are guidelines for the application and are dependent on the used liner, the

neck finish and the capping machine. They are not removal torques for the end-consumer. There

the results with standard neck finishes are between 6 – 17 in/lbs.

6. Storage Specifications

6.1 Packaging

Wing Lok P28P closures can be delivered in all standard packaging kits available at CSI.

For deliveries from CSI Hungry, CSI Spain and CSI Vostok standard cartons (580x380x325 mm³)

contain 3.600 closures and they are stacked 24 per pallet., which makes 86.400 closures per pallet

in total.

For customers supplied from CSI UK and CSI Italy the overall dimensions of the standard has the

dimensions 495x326x469 mm³ and contains 3.8000 closures. On one pallet are 28 boxes, which

makes 106.400 closures per pallet in total.

6.2 Storage and Handling

These closures have to be stored in a dry, dark, odor-free, not too warm or too cold place. The

stacking height is max. 2 pallets (max. number of cartons per pallet is 24). The closures may not

be stored longer than 1 year. After this time they may not be used anymore. The use should be on

a „first in – first out“ basis.

Closures, which are too cold, will result in bad application; consequences are broken bands or

cracked closures. The storage temperature 24 hours before application should be min. 18°C and

max. 30°C.

6.3 Storage of finished products (bottle – beverage – closure)

The finished product should be stored protected from UV-light and temperatures higher than 30°C.

7. Change of Specification

Any changes to this specification require the written consent of ALCOA CSI Europe.

The ALCOA quality standards apply for all products and production areas. However, they do not

free the customer from their own incoming inspection with regard to suitability of our products for

application and fabrication. Special tests at customer site can be done when required. To support

the incoming and quality inspection, ALCOA offers special measuring devices and gauges for each

closure system and bottle neckfinish.

Date: 13th October 2003 Revision: 6 Page 5 from 5

Wing-Lok P28; Product Specification

Alcoa CSI Europe

Wing-Lok P28

The used materials contain lubricants, which may be cracked by the use of ozone. This may lead

to an off taste, if the ozone used reaches certain limits. Thus the suitability needs to be tested for

each process and for each product.

The characteristics of a closure system strongly depend on requirements by the customer, e.g.

color and design, as well as on application technology.

8 Attachments

8.1 Closure Drawing

See Closure Drawing 221263, which is separate document, but will be delivered together with this


8.2 Neck Drawings

For neck finish drawings please refer to the website of the ISBT (International Society of Beverage